Technical training alpine skiing

The right technique is the prerequisite for energy-saving skiing - the better your technique, the more fun you will have on the piste or in the powder and the longer you will be able to accelerate. That's why it's always worth investing some time in improving your skiing skills.


During the ski technique training, our guides, some of whom are former racing pros, deal with you and your skiing style individually and personally. Perfect if you are an advanced skier and can already ski steep slopes safely and quickly, but still want the finishing touches to perfect your technique and become even better - you will notice the difference.

Private lessons for advanced skiers

A few excerpts from the theory:
A turn or change of direction is divided into 3 phases: The initiation, main and control phases. In the initiation phase, we initiate the change of direction. By releasing or unloading the skis, I can initiate a turn. In the main phase, we perform the load or pressure change. Here the pressure or weight is shifted to a specific leg, this allows us to steer from the fall line. In the steering phase we then complete the change of direction. Building up the alpine skiing behaviour appropriate to the situation is essential here. The alpine driving behaviour is the position we take during a turn. It depends on certain factors such as:

  • Own ability
  • Terrain (steep or flat)
  • Material (strongly or less strongly waisted ski, long or short ski)
  • Speed
  • Snow conditions (fresh snow, artificial snow, ice...)

et our pros teach you the right timing of all three turn phases and learn when and where you should or can use the right alpine skiing behaviour.


In our personal technique training for alpine skiing or ski race training in Obertauern, our professionals will focus on you and your skiing style and give you the right tips so that you can improve quickly.

If you wish, we can also do a video analysis (included in the price, of course). On the basis of the videos, our guides can then illustrate and explain all the advice to you in an easy-to-understand way - most people benefit enormously from this.



Duration 1-2 Persons Price for additional persons
2h 190€ +20€/Person
3h 275€ +25€/Person
4h + 350€ +30€/Person